Dismantling and assembly services


Regardless of whether office or warehouse furniture needs to be dismantled, furniture or other type of equipment - we at Hamali Tashev - Cargolift can help.

The long years of work and the encounter with various logistical tasks, related to the performance of dismantling and assembly works, helped us feel confident in solving even the most complex ones. One of the things, of which we are most proud is our experienced team. We are equipped with the necessary equipment and tools for these specific tasks, we also have the knowledge to fulfill them.
Our great experience and correct work, have made our customers trust us for disassembly not only of furniture, but also of racking and storage systems, pallet racks, mezzanine type storage systems, etc. As a result, we are currently partners with leading companies in the industry, and behind us are the successfully implemented projects for storage systems of SPORT DEPO, PUMA Bulgaria, MOBILE PHONE , HUSKVARNA Bulgaria , NELAS auto parts, etc.