Office move


Can moving your office or business turn into a real nightmare??

So many things can go wrong! What if the scheduled time is not read correctly, and your work is pressing you with deadlines? Who will take care of the disassembly and assembly of the office equipment or the shelving in the warehouse? Where to buy suitable boxes? How to pack the technique like that, so as not to suffer during the move? And how much will everything cost??
All questions that can make the hair of any office manager turn gray.
And can your office move go smoothly and without any obstacles? Can stress be reduced to a minimum and instead of a nervous environment, to move in peace, in the company of a smiling, correct and experienced staff?

This is the goal of our work at Hamali Tashev - Cargolift.

Corporate relocation is a complex and specific task, therefore from the initial inspection, our consultant will advise you on the individual steps, along which to pass the move. We will provide you with the whole set of specific activities in one summarized and understandable offer. From proper planning and organization of porting time, the delivery of cartons, through the disassembly and assembly of office or warehouse equipment necessary for the move. We will clarify the packing details, the choice of suitable transport, until we finally reach the arrangement in the new office or warehouse.

And the price?

You will be pleasantly surprised. Our flexible pricing policy, the rich accumulated experience and close-knit team allow us to optimize our costs like this, to offer an extremely competitive end product.
How can you be sure though?
See who our customers are and what they say about us. This is the best barometer for that, how a company copes with the assigned work. Take a close look at what references and clients each company has and you won't go wrong with your choice!