Moving house


Moving house is a very personal and stressful time in everyone's life.

He's a normal person, in this situation to worry about how his property will be transferred, whether there will be any broken and damaged furniture, whether he won't be blackmailed for more money at the last minute, and last but not least comes the worry about that, who you actually let into your home?
That is why the choice of movers for moving your home is so important. Of course it is best to check with a known moving company or student movers. But if you still have no relatives, who have recently moved – how to make the right choice?
In this case, it is best to trust a proven company in the industry. One of the reasons is, that any self-respecting company, would not allow a compromise with the quality of the offered service.

In Hamali Tashev - Cargolift, the staff is carefully selected. We employ intelligent and well-mannered guys with many years of experience in transporting personal luggage. Our team knows how to make the right decisions in difficult situations, he is well trained and equipped with the necessary equipment and tools for a problem-free relocation of your home. The price for the move will be offered to you by our consultant before the move itself, after a free on-site inspection / or after receiving a detailed list, sent by you via e-mail/. This way you will be sure that you will not come across malicious movers, bid low on the phone with the hope, that on the day of the move they will blackmail you for more money with bargaining and quarrels.

How can you be sure though?

See what our customers are saying about us. This is the best barometer for that, how a company copes with the assigned work. Take a close look at what references and clients each company has and you won't go wrong with your choice!