References from satisfied customers

Here you will see, what our customers think about us.

Company: BAUMAX Bulgaria EOOD
Name: Marcus Dulle
Position: manager


…we had the pleasure of working with the professional Cargolift team during the renovation works at the BAUMAX headquarters, when disassembly was required, moving and installation of all furniture and equipment in the office. We were pleasantly surprised by the professional assistance in scheduling the visits of the Cargolift team and the quick and timely response to the constant changes to the preliminary plan and repair work. The company has sufficient and well-trained professionals, whose accuracy and correct performance of tasks we could count on even on weekends.

Despite the hectic work schedule and short deadlines, the Cargolift team managed to cope with the task in the best possible way, by assisting in the smooth running of the whole process and taking care of the smooth communication with the other subcontractors. Last but not least, we must note the fact, that during the relocation activities, disassembly and assembly, the furniture was not damaged either, nor the technology in the office…

Company: DEVIN AD
Name: George Serafimov
Position: executive director


We had the pleasure of using the services of Hamali Tashev – Cargolift, when we chose them for the relocation of our central office in Sofia.

…..we could categorically define them as a good and reliable partner, who successfully and smoothly performed their assigned work. We were extremely satisfied with the friendly attitude, responsibility and correctness, shown by their team…..

Name: Galina Georgieva
Position: logistics manager


…..for carrying out dismantling and assembly services, installation of pallets and other racks, intra-warehouse transfers, etc.

Employees have the necessary knowledge, technique and a positive attitude towards work, putting effort and diligence. The services provided are always completed with quality and on time. The company has a flexible pricing policy, tailored to the client's understanding and in the cases, when this was possible, we also received additional discounts from previously made agreements.

The accumulated joint experience with the company Cargolift EOOD gives us the confidence to recommend it as a responsible and serious partner, with whom we plan to work in the future…..

Company: TOKUDA ​​Bank AD
Name: L. Manolov
Position: executive director


……The management of TOKUDA ​​BANK AD issues this letter of recommendation to CARGOLIFT EOOD, in connection with their joint work, in assurance thereof, that the company performed the assigned work correctly and with the care of a good contractor…..

Name: Vanislav Marinov
Position: director of logistics


…..based on the two companies working together for two years.

We use the services of Hamali Tashev – Cargolift for organizing activities in our warehouse and solving various logistical tasks. We are extremely satisfied with the correct and professional work of the company, the personal commitment of the team, the possibility of quick response and flexible pricing solutions…..

Company: PUMA Bulgaria
Name: Sava Bobchev
Position: Director

PUMA Bulgaria EOOD

…..dismantling, palletizing, suitable packaging, transportation, arrangement and installation of pallet racks from our warehouse with an area of ​​600m2.

We turned to Hamali Tashev – Cargolift on the recommendation of our partners, who had already used the company's services. Despite the short deadlines, the employees of Cargolift EOOD managed to create an excellent organization and carry out the move within two days…
The work was organized like this, so as not to interfere with the normal commercial rhythm of our company, which was extremely important to us…

…We are happy to recommend them as a stable and reliable partner…..

Company: ATLANTIC CLUB in Bulgaria
Name: Solomon Passy
Position: president


With this recommendation I would like to express my great satisfaction with the correct one, fast and professional work by Hamali Tashev – Cargolift.
His accurate assessment of the upcoming work made an excellent impression right from our first conversations, with an eye to every detail…
I am glad, that we made exactly this choice of company, because subsequently,our initial impressions were fully justified…..

Solomon Passy
President of the Atlantic Club in Bulgaria

Company: BAS Institute of Polymers
Name: Ph.D. I st. doctor of science K. Troev
Position: Director

Institute of Polymers

…..the assigned work was carried out in a short time and with excellent organization…

The Institute of Polymers highly appreciates the work of Hamali Tashev – Cargolift will continue to rely on the company as a reliable partner in the future…..

Company: CONNECT
Name: Jordan Kumchev
Position: manager


…..A problem for us was the complexity of the task, related to dismantling, the packaging, the transportation and installation of over 20 specifically equipped workplaces.

Despite the difficult task, on the day of the move, a perfect organization was created and our possessions were dismantled, moved and fitted to our requirements in very short order and without any damage.

…Last but not least, the price for the service performed was extremely good for us…..

Name: Valery Vasilev
Position: artist

Valery Vasilev

I would like to write this letter to thank you for the excellent work done by your team in transferring all my father's work from Sofia to Veliko Tarnovo.
Days before the actual transfer of hundreds of graphs, I was in despair, I was worried that a large number of them might not be hurt. But as happens in good movies, everything was perfect, from surveying the situation to loading and unloading at the designated location.
I am extremely pleased with the professionalism of your staff. I am delighted, that they carried hundreds of pounds of paper with a smile and NOT ONE GRAPH SHEET WAS HARMED!!!

Company: The news – R Ltd
Name: Radoslav Radoslavov
Position: manager


Hamali Tashev – Cargolift are our preferred contractor for professional moving and assembly services when moving the items we offer – professional sewing machines, spare parts…

We trusted them during the recent relocation of our company's head office and our warehouses in the city of Sofia, including moving a crate weighing 300kg. Disassembly and assembly of our warehouse structures from pallet racks was carried out, including flex cutting, work with percussive equipment, removal of construction waste.

This fact is extremely important to us, that at any moment, Hamali Tashev – Cargolift had sufficient manpower to move our office and warehouses, which lasted for a month, including Saturday, Sundays and holidays.

The observations, with whom we are left: extremely short deadlines for organizing the move, correct and disciplined work by the company's employees, professionalism and accuracy…..

Name: Tsvetelina Chankova
Position: deputy manager


…..we turned to Hamali Tashev – Cargo lift with a request for assistance in dismantling specialized equipment in a fine mechanics workshop, loading the equipment into an export container and transporting office furniture and equipment.

The company handled all the assigned tasks impeccably and at a high professional level. Advantages were quick response and meeting deadlines.

We are extremely satisfied with the work done and will be happy to work together in the future…..

Company: Golden Pages
Name: Marta Mesechkova
Position: manager

Marta Mesechkova
manager at Golden Pages

….I contacted Mr. Tashev regarding our recent move and was impressed by his positive attitude, the quick response for the inspection, as well as the reasonable price.

I had to change the date, for which by Hamali Tashev – Cargolift were understanding and didn't even mention penalties.

On the day of the move, everything went smoothly…..

Name: Desislava Nikolova
Position: Operative manager


…we have used Hamali Tashev many times – Cargo lift for cargo-unloading services and services for transporting cargo important to Credibul.

We trust them, because every day of our cooperation they prove it with their work, that they provide us with quality, reliable and secure services.

The quick response and customer-oriented attitude of the entire team, add value to our relationship…..

Company: One Smart Star Bulgaria
Name: Dimitrinka Koeva
Position: manager


With this letter I want to express my great satisfaction with the professional, expeditious and careful work of Hamali Tashev – Cargolift.

…not only in quality of work and service, and in terms of price, Cargolift EOOD differs from other companies on the market in this sector – the prices of the offered services are fully formed and taken into account with the type and volume of the relevant activities, which makes them grounded and realistic…..

Name: Stoyan Georgiev
Position: technical manager


…..The work was done responsibly, qualitatively and on time. Hamali Tashev's team – Cargolift responded adequately and flexibly to our expectations, taking into account exactly the time convenient for us to move.

Based on our shared experience, we are pleased to recommend Hamali Tashev – Cargolift, as a reliable and fair partner in the field of moving services and office relocation, with whom we will be happy to work in the future…..

Company: Sofia Ventures AD
Name: Lyuben Belov
Position: executive director


…..We know Hamali Tashev's work – Cargolift for more than two years now. For cases, in which we have used the company's services, we can say, that we always got a rush,professional and accurate help for our needs.

…it was extremely important for us that the office furniture and the associated equipment be dismantled, moved with due care and attention and installed. We are glad, that we once again received this special treatment from Hamali Tashev's team – Cargolift. Everything was de-minted and mounted, packed appropriately and moved as per our requirements, without any damage and despite the bad weather…..

Company: European Institute
Name: Love Panayotova
Position: Director


The European Institute Foundation issues the current reference to the Cargolift company – Tashev, in assurance thereof, that the same was hired by the Institute to carry out dismantling, assembly, packing and moving office furniture and equipment of the institute.

The work was carried out flawlessly on time and with excellent organization. We were very satisfied with the work performed and will use the company's services in the future.

We take this opportunity to recommend Cargolift EOOD as a reliable and excellent partner…..

Name: Nadia Bozhilova
Position: manager


…..we are pleased to express to you and the employees from Cargolift our satisfaction with the high responsibility shown in the performance of the tasks assigned to them by us.

We sincerely wish you to continue to convincingly prove your reputation as an excellent partner and are happy to recommend you as such…..

Company: Nursery #69
Name: Tatyana Angelova
Position: Director


…..The management of Children's nursery #69 expresses its thanks to you and your team for this, that you responded quickly and did a perfect job of moving furniture and professional kitchen equipment to our nursery.

Your employees showed high professionalism and attention. The cargo was delivered on time and without damage…..

Company: BELOW 2000
Name: Daniela Davcheva
Position: manager

BELOW 2000

Our company makes monthly deliveries of large quantities of fittings and accessories for PVC joinery.
From the very beginning of our work, we use the services of Hamali Tashev – Cargolift and we are very satisfied with their work.

– Respond immediately to emergency calls.
– They are always correct, accurate and expeditious.

It is a great pleasure to work with them and we recommend them to everyone, in need of moving services.

Company: IRM
Name: Gabor Takač
Position: manager

IRM - international resource management

Cargolift carries out fast and correct relocations of offices and homes with favorable conditions for customers.
We are satisfied with our cooperation with the company, its employees are competent and precise, they work diligently and accurately.

In connection with your good cooperation, we consider, that Hamali Tashev – Cargolift is a reliable and fair business partner, and with this letter we give you our recommendation for them.

Company: Captain grandfather Nikola AD
Name: Ibrahim Eren
Position: manager


Based on its long-standing cooperation with Cargolift Sofia, as a company for loading and unloading services, we dare say, that the company is correct in its commercial relationships.

– Responds in a timely manner to the need for urgent deliveries.
– The well-prepared staff meets the necessary requirements and has the necessary professionalism, proved its competitive advantages.

We recommend the company Cargolift, as a reliable partner.

Company: MSA Safety Bulgaria
Name: Roman Gyurov
Position: manager


I would like to hereby recommend the services of Cargolift.

We hired the company to move the furniture, the internal space dividers and our technology from the old to our new office.
Hamali Tashev – Cargolift carried out the moving work extremely responsibly and professionally, which includes:

– preliminary preparation of individual components
– packing with protective packaging
– physical transfer
– deployment according to the predetermined plan
– unpacking and cleaning

We highly recommend the services of Cargolift, because surely the company is an organization, which fulfills its commitments in an extremely professional manner. If you need similar moving and assembly services, we will definitely turn to Hamali Tashev again – Cargolift.

Name: Evgenia Baneva
Position: CEO


…..the specific job was related to moving office furniture, computers, conference table and heavy metal cash register, under tight deadlines and under pressure, because of the inconvenient location of the offices.

Hamali Tashev – Cargolift completed their assigned tasks within the specified time. Employees are able to perform independently, without additional instructions and control the tasks assigned to them. They operate responsibly with the company property provided to them.

During the short time of our joint work, they demonstrated professionalism and professional support to the other members of the team…..

Company: PONS Bulgaria
Name: Vladimir Kolev
Position: manager

PONS Bulgaria EOOD

We hired Hamali Tashev – Cargolift in connection with the relocation of Pons Bulgaria's warehouses to our new logistics center.

…the sober and realistic assessment of the work made a good impression on us, which was to come.

A warehouse with more than 160 range of specialized publications and literature, which had to be rounded up and duly foiled. It was extremely important for us, that the literature would not suffer in the move, as well as being done within just one weekend.

We are satisfied, that Hamali Tashev – Cargolift managed to fully meet our expectations…..

Company: SEERC
Name: Svetla Barkova
Position: Office Manager

SEERC - South East Europe Research Corp.

…..Transporters Tashev-Cargolift, have successfully moved one of our offices. The company's employees are punctual, precise and responsive. The transfer of all furniture and materials from the office was carried out according to plan, on the agreed day and time, without any problems…..

Company: HL DISPLAY Bulgaria
Name: Dobroslava Mircheva
Position: manager


We hired the Cargolift company, to carry out the relocation of our office and warehouse with associated equipment / workplaces, specialized office equipment, furniture, racks and merchandise/.

…We were pleasantly surprised at our first meeting with a representative of the company – we received specific explanations for this, how exactly the moving process will go, guidelines for our preliminary preparation, as well as the assumed time, which will take…

On the day of transfer, the work went smoothly and according to our preliminary estimates. The Cargolift team distinguished themselves with great professionalism, speed and extremely responsible attitude to the transferred property. We are happy, that despite the harsh conditions we met only cheerful and smiling faces…..

Company: DIT-M Ltd
Name: Eng. Dimitar Plachkov
Position: manager


With this reference, we give our high evaluation and recommend the company Kargolift EOOD, as a reliable partner for office relocation. With your professional attitude, competence and a well-prepared team, the company did an excellent job of moving our office, including :

– providing boxes for packing luggage
– moving furniture
– packing and moving office equipment
– transport
– cargo-conversation activity

After the transfer is complete, we can safely recommend the Cargolift company – Tashev, as a fair and reliable partner…..

Name: Radostina Kupenova
Position: …one satisfied customer

Radostina Kupenova

…we moved a large amount of furniture from a place outside Sofia to a central Sofia district.

Everything was done very correctly and professionally.
We have no objections to people, with whom we worked!

I would recommend your services to other people or companies…

Company: LTI ltd.
Name: Ralitsa Uzunova
Position: Sales Manager

LTI ltd.

We hired Kargolift EOOD for the relocation of our office in Sofia.
We were extremely impressed by Mr. Ivan Tashev's personal commitment and understanding of the specific needs of our company.…

On the day of the move, the work was done expeditiously, cleanly and with great care. The company's employees are smiling young people, who react completely adequately to any case that arises on the move and are very caring for their clients' property…

If necessary, we would certainly seek the services of Cargolift EOOD again and highly recommend them as a reliable and stable partner for everyone, which needs carrying and transportation.

Company: KIVI Bulgaria Ltd
Name: D. Tordia
Position: manager

KIVI Bulgaria Ltd

… This reference is issued to Cargolift EOOD, in assurance thereof, that she has fulfilled her duty strictly and professionally, to carry and transport our office furniture in Sofia.

As a result, we could categorically define the company as a good and reliable partner, who successfully and smoothly performed the work assigned to him. We were extremely satisfied with the correctness and responsibility, shown by their team.

That's why we think, that we can reasonably recommend the services of Cargolift EOOD to all companies and organizations, valuing high professionalism and quality service …

Name: Thomas Lafchis
Position: manager


…even though we only sought the company's services a day before the planned move of our furniture and equipment, Mr. Tashev found time to visit our office to inspect the volume of luggage and to present an accurate offer for the company's services. The next day, exactly at the appointed time, the move has begun…

We were extremely satisfied with Cargolift's work, who during the day managed to complete several courses with the trucks. There was no damage to the office furniture, nor on the floors and walls of our new office…