Take advantage of 5% reduction - for each move, carried out on a Saturday or Sunday and agreed upon at a time convenient for us

Our long experience shows , that the most correct way to determine the price is the inspection /excluding small relocations/. It allows our consultant to assess the specific conditions on the spot , to make an inventory of things , to specify details such as packaging , dismantling , date and time of the move , and last but not least , You will get to know people personally , to whom you will entrust your property. The inspection is free and non-binding.

If, however, inspection is absolutely impossible , a price for the service could also be given over the phone. Make a list of the big things in the apartment , who will be moving , check that both addresses have working elevators and call - we'll ask about the rest.

Prices for moving services

They are determined after a free on-site inspection or a detailed description over the phone /for small moves/

Prices for transport services

For buses and trucks up to 2 tons :
- in Sofia 25-30 BGN/hour ( minimum engagement time 1h 30min )
- outside Sofia 0.70-0.90 BGN/km ( both ways are charged )


Many "firms" practice announcing a low price on the first phone call , as subsequently on the day of the move , when you are already pressed for time , they use the slightest occasion to start haggling , in which the initially announced price is usually increased by several times !!!


In most cases, this is a cunningly laid trap, in which quite a few people fall. Our advice is to demand from the companies, who offer a moving service per man-hour to inform you in advance how long it will take to move your luggage. Otherwise, you can't be sure if your supposed 2-3 hours to move will not convert to 4-5 hours or more. And if you work by the hour – what will be your motivation to do a job for 3 o'clock, and not for 6 hours for example?

An hourly rate could only be given for transport services within the city, because the distances, which are traveled are short, while being associated with engaging a truck to stay for loading and unloading, driving in heavy traffic, etc.

The prices indicated here are without VAT included.